We’re not your usual physiotherapy clinic

Do you have an issue with mobility, movement, pain, or stiffness that prevents you from enjoying your life to the fullest? 

Imagine a one-on-one physical therapy session with a licensed professional that changes the quality of your life over the next days, weeks, months, and years.

Imagine moving through a pain-free life with full mobility. 

Imagine a life in which your physical health expands your limits over time rather than holding you back from the adventures you used to enjoy. 

At UP Rehab, we started our physiotherapy and wellness clinic with a vision to help our community feel and move better.


Our Mission & Vision

We strive to create a healthier community and help people move through their lives with greater confidence. 

By putting clients at the center of every decision we make, we implement treatment plans customized for each individual to create a healthier community. Our vision? A world in which age doesn’t determine mobility.

Our Competitive Advantage 

There are plenty of physiotherapy treatment clinics in our community. This is why you should choose us

—With over 20 years of collective experience and intensive healthcare education under our belts, we have the knowledge and hands-on treatment experience to understand mobility from the inside out. 

—Our team is client-focused, offering the one-on-one attention essential for faster, better, and stronger recovery. You get our full attention in every session. 

—We’re passionate about cutting-edge, research-backed technologies, investing in and using them to elevate client care through every treatment.


What Our Patients Say

Our Team

Colin Oczkowski

Registered Physiotherapist Owner/Co-Founder

Colin was born and raised in Hamilton, making the decision to practice in the area an easy one. He first began practicing in 2014 after receiving his Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Education is the base upon which he builds his treatment approach, helping clients of all ages and activity levels learn about their bodies, exercise, and rehabilitation. He’s expanded that passion by teaching clinical skills for the Masters of Physiotherapy Program at McMaster University as a part-time faculty member. Colin’s background in strength and conditioning informs the other major aspect of his rehabilitation approach—finding the entry point of exercise to empower and attain his clients’ biggest goals. When Colin is not treating or teaching, he’s spending time with his family and friends and trying to fit in a daily run around or workout.

Jason Ward

Registered Physiotherapist Owner/Co-Founder

Jason has a strong foundation for success in musculoskeletal and orthopedic physiotherapy, built upon by almost nine years of experience. After working and training at multiple orthopedic rehabilitation clinics he decided to set out to build his own clinic alongside business partner and friend Colin. Together, they founded UP Rehab. Jason holds some additional certifications in acupuncture, spinal manipulation, concussion management as well as multiple manual therapy courses with special interests in vestibular rehabilitation and sport therapy. Jason enjoys living in local Dundas, spending time with his family and using his skills to improve the health of his community.

Daniel Frankel
BScKin, MSc(PT)

Physiotherapy Resident

Daniel is a physiotherapy resident registered with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario, having completed his MSc(PT) at McMaster University following a BSc in Kinesiology at Queen’s University.

Prior to PT school, he spent 11 years as a strength & conditioning coach, working with recreational and internationally competitive individuals of all ages. He’s trained and treated athletes through various 1-on-1 and group-based settings including varsity sport, gymnastics (trampoline), CrossFit, weightlifting (Olympic Weighlifting & Powerlifting), personal training.

Daniel strongly believes in a patient-centered approach, utilizing the best available research and his professional experiences while taking into consideration the factors of each individual’s needs as they seek care. 

He firmly believes that strength is for everyone, and that optimizing the human body’s resiliency primes them to succeed. Practicing what he preaches, Daniel is a national-level competitor in Olympic Weightlifting with multiple Jr. national medals and provincial records to his name. He’s currently training to earn a spot on the Canadian National Team.

In his spare time, Daniel is studying to become fluent in French and is an avid cook with over half a decade of professional restaurant experience.

Dianne Fry

Clinical Manager

Dianne brings a wealth of experience to the UP Rehab clinic, thanks to a strong background in bookkeeping and health care clinic management. She is the cornerstone of the UP Rehab clinic, maintaining the daily operations starting its exceptional service design well before the clinic even opened.

In her spare time, Dianne is a musician who enjoys cycling, walking nature trails, and spending time with family and friends.

She is committed to good health and rehabilitation for all.

Lauren Pailley

Registered Massage Therapist

Lauren completed her undergraduate studies at McMaster University where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology.

From there, she went to the Ontario College of Health and Technology to obtain her Registered Massage Therapy license. She is currently working towards her certification in acupuncture and cupping.

Growing up she played very few sports, only because once she found one she liked, she was fully committed to it! She started Taekwondo, learning self-defense and discipline. Later on, she fell in love with rock climbing, enjoying her sunny weekends climbing at Mount Nemo of the Niagara Glen.

Her experiences have further solidified her passion to help others through treatment. As with most athletes, she suffered her own injuries and went through rehab. With these injuries she had to take a step back from climbing, but during that time she fell in love with another sport—body building. Now, she is training to go on stage in 2022.

Lauren is a firm believer that exercise plays a huge role in all physical rehab. She uses this belief along side of her treatments to help ‘bring you back’ to doing what you love!

Chantal Paquette

Registered Massage Therapist


        • Fascial Stretch Therapy 
        • Strength training for runners 
        • Myofascial release 
        • Cupping 
        • Dolphin MPS 
        • SWIS Muscle testing up/lower body

Having a lifelong interest in all things exercise related, I pursued a career in personal training which led me to massage therapy. I believe in the continuous pursuit of new ways to both improve my skill set and provide the most current, effective, and efficient ways to help my clients improve their health and well being.

Having recovered from a significant injury myself, I am a firm believer that all things in the body are interconnected and strive not only to work on specific physical issues but to ensure a calming and empathetic environment while I provide treatment. I enjoy making connections with clients, building trust, and adapting my skill set to meet the individual needs of everyone on my treatment table.

To date I have developed skills in the areas of Swedish massage, Fascial Stretch Therapy, Muscle Testing, Cupping, Myofascial release, and Dolphin MPS. I look forward to adding even more tools to my toolkit soon.

Outside of treating clients I can likely be found running around the city (literally) or getting a good workout in at one or more of Hamilton’s local gyms. Fun fact……I am actively and relentlessly pursuing a career in law enforcement.


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