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Physiotherapy & Massage in Hamilton, Ontario

One-on-one care without compromise or premium fees. That’s what our team of Registered Physiotherapists and Massage Therapists offers each and every client that walks through our Dundas clinic doors. 

Every body responds to stimuli in a different way. At UP Rehab, we take the time to customize your treatment plan for your unique pain, injury, and musculoskeletal system. The result? More personalized therapy, more functional treatment, and faster recovery.

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What to expect from your UP Rehab experience

From assessment to full rehabilitation, our team of dedicated professionals will guide you through your path to recovery.

Assessment & Diagnosis

To begin treatment, we need to find the right starting point. Your first visit to UP Rehab allows us to get to know your individual needs and health issues as we spend around an hour completing a full health assessment. 

We go through the details of your overall health history and current needs. Then, we examine the area of injury or concern and test its current function. Once we understand the extent of the issue, we discuss your health goals. 

Whether you want to be able to play with your children, get back on the field ASAP, or simply move through life pain-free, we can create a plan of action together and commit to the rehabilitation process. We work with your schedule to find the right fit for your needs.

Then, we complete our initial treatment.

The Treatment Process

Every follow-up appointment gets you closer to full mobility. Your therapist guides your through your one-on-one treatment, with manual mainipulation and movement assistance to strengthen and rehab your body. Our sanitized treatment rooms and well-equipped clinic provide a safe and healthy space for all mobility levels. 

A first-class treatment plan is as flexible as your mobility. As you move through levels of recovery, our expert team continuously evaluates your progress in range of motion, function, and strength, modifying your treatment to push you towards the best results possible.

If you’re not progressing as expected, another experienced therapist will provide an additional assessment at no extra cost to you. Our service to you and commitment to your results comes first.


Good treatment heals you today—great treatment maintains mobility for a lifetime.


Our team of dedicated Registered Physiotherapists sets a new standard for physio in Hamilton. Through evidence-informed and client-centered physiotherapy care, we educate, inform, and treat your injuries to help you feel better, faster.

Registered Massage Therapy

UP Rehab’s licensed RMTs relieve pain through a variety of musculoskeletal treatments. Therapeutic massage effectively jumpstarts recovery when used independently or as a collaborative approach to care paired with physiotherapy and other treatments. 

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is a cutting-edge technology-based therapy backed by a growing pile of research evidence. Our healthcare professionals use the therapy to treat many of the most common conditions we see, including tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, hip or shoulder bursitis and tendonitis, plantar fascia pain, and more. 

Concussion Management

Concussions left untreated become serious long-term risks, but our team is ready to help you return to regular life again with a comprehensive treatment program. Our individualized programs often include head, eye, and body stablization, balance exercises, coordination improvement, and desensitization to stimuli and movement. You receive coaching and instructions on activity modification to implement at home to maximize and speed up your recovery.

Vestibular Rehabilitation

The vestibular system in your inner ear can be affected by issues like vertigo or vestibular balance disorder, causing dizziness and other debilitating symptoms. Using a systematic approach based on clinic researched, our trained clinics will help find solutions to get you steady on your feet and enjoying life again.

Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Operations can save our lives and improve our health, but they require adequate and often extensive after-care and recovery that hospitals typically aren’t equipped to manage. To make a full recovery your care must extend beyond the operating room with the best physiotherapy and treatments aimed to strengthen muscles, bones, joints, and tissues weakened by health issues and surgery.

Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ)

With mandible and jaw pain a common issue, we have therapeutic solutions to help improve mobility, reducing stiffness and soreness that can eliminate the need for more invasive treatments and surgeries. Our one-on-one treatment plans include manual massage and assisted exercise to help you eat, speak, and enjoy a pain-free life. 

Running Analysis

Take your performance to the next level and deal running-related injuries or issues at their core. We use state-of-the-art running analysis, slow motion video, and a movement expert to identify subtle deviations in your stride and gait. Our post-analysis treatment plan is designed to improve maladapted movement patterns to help you recover, prevent new injury, and moving faster than ever. 

Injury Management

Our team treats both acute and chronic injuries that have built up over the years. Our body is constantly adapting, meaning there is much hope the injury or pain you believe to be permanent can be managed and improved with the right treatment. Speak with one of our health professionals who can assess your situation and begin a plan of action to get you back into motion.


The healthcare industry is full of confusing terms and treatments. Get clarity on our Hamilton physiotherapist services with the most common questions we’re asked by our clients.

1What does the initial physiotherapy assessment involve?

Our initial assessment is a little more involved than your follow-up treatments as we get to know your health history and your musculoskeletal function. 

Here’s what we’ll go through together on Day 1:

  • A detailed health and injury history 
  • Function issues and limitations
  • Movement patterns, joint range of motion, and muscle strength
  • Imaging and X-ray reviews

Once we gather the information we need, we can get to work at our Dundas & Hamilton physio and rehab clinic, building a treatment plan based on your unique needs.

2What does a physiotherapy treatment involve?

Every program is individualized for our clients. Typically, our short-term program treatments range from a few days to weeks in length, with chronic and long-term treatments involve a longer timespan with less frequent visits. 

Your physiotherapist will walk you through a treatment plan at your initial assessment. 

We’ll create the treatment program that makes the most sense for you, including physiotherapy, manual therapy, shockwave therapy, laser physiotherapy, concussion rehab, post-operative rehab, or vestibular rehab. We’ll also walk through preventive care and exercise you can do to strengthen and maintain health and mobility while you’re not at the clinic. Though our therapies are incredibly effective, you’ll see the best results by practicing great techniques while at home, working, and enjoying your everyday life. 

3Do I need a referral for physiotherapy in Ontario?

No. You don’t need a doctor’s referral to receive physiotherapy in Ontario, as we are considered primary health care providers. If you’re planning to use insurance coverage to fund your physiotherapy treatments, check with your insurance agency before booking—some require a doctor’s referral for reimbursement.

4How much does physiotherapy cost?

Physiotherapy Initial Assessment is 45 minutes and costs $110. 

Physiotherapy Follow-Up appointments are:

$75 for 15 minutes

$90 for 30 minutes

$110 for 45 minutes

$150 for 60 minutes

5How many visits will I need?

The number of visits is highly variable, depending on your injury, medical history, and your body’s responsiveness to treatment. You may need only one visit or several over many months. Most of our clients recovering from severe injuries complete 6 to 8 weeks of treatment to get back to their best lives. 


We evaluate your progress throughout the process, adjusting our timeline to catch up or slow down to your body’s adaptations.

6Is physiotherapy painful?

Though our physiotherapy treatments are designed to offer immediately and long-term pain relief, some patients may feel pain as they push their bodies to recover their range of motion. Deep massage can feel painful, as can the exercises you perform on tight and injured areas. 

Often, pain felt during treatment is replaced by improved pain levels either immediately after treatment or the next day. Any pain felt during treatment should not be unbearable, which is why your therapist will communicate with you about pain every step of the way.

7What happens if my problem or pain returns?

Even healed injuries and well-managed pain may return or recur for many reasons. Our team offers maintenance sessions and further treatment for any clients that require it and guidance through the modification of daily activities until your flare resolves itself. Book an appointment today.

Try a plan of action to get you back into motion

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